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The Amateur Computerist Newsletter will be stored in this directory.
The entire run of the newsletter will be available in the near future.

Both ASCII and WordPerfect 5.1 formats will be available.

The following issues are currently available:

ACN4-2.TXT - The Amateur Computerist Newsletter vol 4 no.2/3 in ASCII
ACN4-2.WP  - The Amateur Computerist Newsletter vol 4 no.2/3 in WP 5.1
ACN4-4.TXT - The Amateur Computerist Newsletter vol 4 no.4 in ASCII
ACN4-5.TXT - The ACN - Special Usenet Supplement

ACN100.LOG.Z - Archive of alt.amateur-comp (first 100 messages) Compressed
ACN200.LOG.Z - Archive of alt.amateur-comp (101 - 200) Compressed
ACN300.LOG.Z - Archive of alt.amateur-comp (201 - 300) Compressed
ACN400.LOG.Z - Archive of alt.amateur-comp (301 - 400) Compressed
Any questions/responses or submissions should be sent to or or write to

Amateur Computerist
R. Hauben
PO Box 4344
Dearborn, MI 48126