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A Public Information Utility

The World, operated by Software Tool & Die
(www.TheWorld.com & World.std.com)
is an Internet service provider headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.
We were the first public dialup Internet Service Provider (ISP).
And we're still proud to be the best.

You can join The World on-line!
Join The World | Join The World (secure)

Unlimited* Dial-Up @ The World!

Gold Accounts: Automatically included in the $19.89 monthly price along with 50MB email space, 30MB shell or web space, your own web site, 2 mailing lists and Unix shell access.

A La Carta Accounts: Add $5.00/month for unlimited* dial-up.

        For Immediate Release: ¡The World adds over 9,00 new
        dial-up numbers nationwide (Hawaii: yes, Alaska: not yet),
        Canada, y Puerto Rico!

Need to dial-in while away on business or vacation? The World has you covered!
Why did some numbers in Massachusetts change suddenly?
* 'Unlimited' does not mean 24 by 7 connectivity. It means unmetered, interactive usage. Sessions inactive for more than 20 minutes are subject to disconnection. Attempts to defeat inactivity detection will result in additional charges or termination of service. Accounts are single login only.

Dial-Up Networking (PPP) setup information
Directions for setting up your computer to connect to The World.

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